ACCF residentials are building confidence and inspiring young people

This summer a record breaking number of young people have visited us to take part in a residential trip at ACCF.

This summer’s cohort has included a diverse group of young people, impacted by inequality of opportunity or disadvantage, including many who live in areas of multiple deprivation in inner London and West Sussex. They have all shared the unique and magical experience of an Arundel Castle Cricket residential trip. These experiences are designed to inspire young people and focus on building confidence and key skills like teamwork, resilience, goal setting and a spirit of adventure alongside developing a passion for cricket.

One of these groups was the Duke’s Aldridge Academy who, as part of our developing partnership, we welcomed back this summer for a magical three day residential trip with us at ACCF.

For some, this was the first time they have had the opportunity to experience life outside of their usual hectic and often challenging London environment. During their trip, the students took part in a range of activities in a series of firsts, playing cricket on our beautiful ground while developing cricket techniques with the excellent coaches at ACCF. Mindstrong workshops with former professional cricketer Lewis Hatchett taught the group skills such as resilience when faced with adversity, as well as problem-solving. Day two of their three day trip included an inspiring walk through the Arundel Castle Gardens where the students had an opportunity to take in and experience a whole different world, while learning about the local history and broadening their horizons. The group’s leadership and team-work were put to the test during woodland activities which included shelter building and fire-lighting. The opportunity to develop skills such as those in a free and open environment is vital for the students as they wouldn’t normally have that chance, this is key for their development as young people. Their third and final day centred around an exciting trip to Littlehampton beach where the group could simply play cricket, relax, build confidence and friendships, all before tucking into fish and chips for lunch – an enjoyable day out at the seaside which these young people haven’t been able to experience.


Take a look at our short film to find out more about their visit to ACCF: Duke’s Partnership


This residential experience is part of our Inner London Borough Programme which engages young people in sports, learning and social experiences to help overcome barriers, raise aspirations and create opportunities.

To find out more about our work with young people from Inner London, living in areas of multiple indices of deprivation, follow this link: Inner London Borough Programme

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