Girls from Greenwich, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Ealing enjoy a magical half term of cricket and outdoor learning

At ACCF we are committed to creating opportunities for girls to get involved and play cricket, no matter what their experience, ability, ambition or background.  So we were delighted to recently welcome an all girl group from Old Ford Primary School in Tower Hamlets, Kaizen Primary School in Newham, Little Ealing Primary School in Ealing and Middle Park Primary School in Greenwich to take part in an annual half term cricket camp at Arundel, in partnership with Capital Kids Cricket (CKC) .

The aim of the camp is to ensure that the girls have the chance to experience cricket and outdoor adventure, away from their usual city environment, while developing personal, social and physical skills that will help them in their lives.

The girls left the capital for a three day residential in which they experienced high quality cricket coaching, team-building, motivational workshops, nature and mindfulness activities to help them gain skills and confidence, expand their opportunities and to develop a resilient mindset.  As well as providing cricketing opportunities that they may not otherwise have, the girls also engaged in wider ACCF activities which, for many, were first time experiences.  These included staying away from home at Lodge Hill, exploring a medieval castle, a fun afternoon on the beach and even a celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee! It was also an opportunity to meet new people and make friends from different backgrounds and parts of London.

The girls were asked what they enjoyed about their experience at Arundel and we think their comments really reflect the impact of the trip on their cricketing skills and beyond:

“My experience here was brilliant. When I first came I saw this wonderful big pitch and it made me feel really nice.”

“I’ve learnt how to spin bowl and I’m now really confident with that, I’m quite a slow bowler so that’s now what I’m going to do.”

“You get to meet new people from different schools, from other nationalities and other religions, and you get to make new friends.”

“MindStrong was really inspiring. I felt inspired by Lewis Hatchett who gave us a talk about how to never give up.”

“It’s been really fun and exciting and I know everyone enjoyed it. It’s definitely an experience we will never forget.”

Mrs Adams, Deputy Headteacher, Middle Park Primary School said:

“The girls come back more confident, they come back with new skills, obviously their cricket improves a lot but also their teamwork.  It’s a big opportunity for them, we come from quite a deprived area of London so it makes a real difference to the children to get out in the countryside and being here is a highlight of the year in school.”

Watch our short film featuring the girls sharing what their Arundel experience meant to them: CKC girls cricket at Arundel film

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