Inner London Borough Programme

Our Inner London Programme  supports the social, emotional & physical development of children and young people from some of the most deprived areas of London.

Our Inner London Borough Programme supports the social, emotional and physical development of children and young people from the most deprived areas of London.

How the programme helps young people

The programme focuses on young people, aged 7-19 years, from under-represented groups living in inner London boroughs with high levels of deprivation. Social tensions and divisions, especially within inner city locations, are prevalent in today’s society. The young people who join us are often exposed to social, educational and racial inequalities.  We engage these young people in sports, learning and social experiences to help overcome barriers, raise aspirations and create opportunities. Our 2, 3 or 4 night residential stays combine cricket, life skills, adventure challenges, engagement with the Arundel Estate and visits to the Sussex countryside to boost confidence, channel energies and create social connections. All aspects that last long beyond the time they are with us. 

Our Inner London Programme includes:

Inner London Programme 1

Cricket 101

Students from the Duke’s Aldridge Academy in Tottenham visit Arundel to enjoy a range of activities and experiences designed to promote social inclusion and mobility, equip young people with new skills, boost their confidence and help raise aspirations. 

Inner London Programme 2

Cricketing Connections

In partnership with Chance to Shine and Surrey Cricket Foundation, a group from Croydon Street Project visit Arundel and take part in a residential experience to develop their personal, social and physical skills and to experience life outside of London.  

Inner London Programme 3

ACE at Arundel

Through our partnership with The ACE Programme we are working in collaboration to provide opportunities to communities where inequality exists.  Our sessions at Arundel offered their London based cricketers a new experience of the game playing in the countryside on a first-class wicket. 

Inner London Programme 4

Breaking Boundaries

Our partnership with Capital Kids Cricket provides opportunities for children from disadvantaged areas of London to visit and play cricket at one of the UK’s most picturesque cricket grounds.  Beyond the cricket, however, these trips have a far greater impact on the children taking part.  

Other projects:

  • The Prince’s Trust Trophy
  • Refugee Cricket Programme
  • Lambeth Primary Schools

Key Outcomes

“The whole Arundel experience is a first for many of our students. These children come from areas where the pressure to join a gang is relentless, the opportunity to be a child again is a relief. I regularly see complete transformations in my students, they lose that defensive look, they relax, smile and laugh. For some it is just the sheer boost in their confidence that is a joy to behold, and this can be regularly referenced on our return. Many colleagues and parents have reported on seeing a change in many of the students who are lucky enough to visit Arundel”. 

Brent Knoll School, Lewisham

The Inner London Programme has many positive outcomes on the self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing of the young people who visit us: 

  • Increased self esteem and personal confidence
  • Improved access and participation in sports
  • Improved motivation in learning
  • Improved resilience and ability to overcome challenges
  • Opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and to make new friend

The Inner London Programme is a hugely important part of our work and we see an ongoing need to support young people from these locations, to promote inclusion and to ensure that all young people have the best opportunities in life.

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