Local Outreach Programme

Our Local Outreach Programme works in partnership with a range of organisations to identify the local need that we can help address. Our work delivers interventions at the Arundel Castle Cricket Ground to support the development and mental and physical health of locally based people.

Our local outreach programme works in partnership with a range of local organisations, Local Authorities, health agencies, educational organisations and cricketing bodies to identify the local need that we can help address. Our work delivers interventions at the Arundel Castle Cricket Ground to engage with and support the development, mental and physical health of locally based people. Our recent local outreach programme has included:

Outdoor Research Programme with Bohunt Education Trust

Our research programme in partnership with Bohunt Education Trust (BET) aims to inform how cricket and the outdoors can support students struggling with disadvantage, anxiety, engagement and/or behaviour at secondary school. The ambitious programme will look in detail at the types of intervention that work best for different profiles of student. The programme aims to allow targeted interventions to be developed so that students have greater chance to thrive at secondary school and beyond.

More than 230 students from the BET family of schools will be involved in a series of visits at Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation months including: professional cricket coaching sessions, bushcraft courses, visits to Arundel Castle and coding workshops.

The activities will allow students to develop skills in resilience and self-confidence, which school staff will translate back into the classroom. Evaluation of the results will be completed by ImpactEd, a professional research organisation, so that all schools within and beyond BET can learn how best to ensure every child has an equal chance in school.

Funding for the project has kindly been provided by Ned’s Fund.   If you would like to find out more about the Fund go to  www.nedsfund.co.uk  

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Lockdown Programmes

Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing programmes and activities that engage and support local young people and their families during the Coronavirus crisis.

Safe PLAY ZONES for families with children with special educational needs and disabilities

Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation provided COVID-19 safe Play Zones for families with children with special educational needs and disabilities. We know how important it is for people to be active for good physical and mental health, and this applies to ALL irrespective of ability, age, gender or race.  During  lockdown restrictions, families living within the same household could undertake unlimited exercise. Many public spaces which were available were not  ideal spaces for households with children who have special educational needs and disabilities. With that in mind,  Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation designed a systems of zones that enabled families (same households only) to have their own zoned off space to be active, in a way that complied with all Government advice. This included measures to limit hand to shared surface contact and minimise interactions with others.   Four designated zones (two with cricket pitches) were made available for families to enjoy and do whatever activities they choose in their own safe area within the stunning grounds of the Duke of Norfolk Estate.

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TARGET ZONE cricket competition

We realised that during the lockdown many young people had been starved of physical activity, particularly in a socially interactive form.  Whilst we were unable to deliver our typical range of programmes , we knew our ground could be put to invaluable use to help  get local young people back playing sport during the pandemic. So we launched Target Zones in response to government and ECB guidelines, adapting our venue to provide a cricket activity for small groups of young people that complied with all COVID-19 restriction guidelines.   

We see an ongoing need to  increase our level of support to local communities.  We want to work with schools,  charities and other organisations to ensure we work with local children who need our help most.  For more information or to get involved please email foundation@arundelcastlecricket.co.uk

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