Cricketing Connections

Our programme in partnership with Chance to Shine and Surrey Cricket Foundation involves students from the Croydon Street Youth Project visiting Arundel to take part in cricket, bushcraft, outdoor learning and adventure.  The programme combines a range of activities and challenges to help young people develop their personal, social and physical skills and to experience life outside of London.  

About the programme

Children from Chance to Shine Street Youth Project take part in a three day  multi activity residential at ACCF to broaden their life, learning and social experiences in surroundings away from their usual environment.  The group stay overnight at Lodge Hill Activity Centre where they take part in a variety of exciting outdoor adventure and woodland activities including archery, abseiling and making their own campfire.  The final day of the trip involves all participants in a cricket match at the Arundel Castle Cricket ground and a fun trip to Littlehampton beach. Through exploring exciting new experiences the children learn new skills as well as discovering more about themselves and those around them. 

Watch our short video to see how this programme is giving young people opportunities to try new things, build important life skills, increase their confidence and form new friendships.

What the children say about their Arundel experience

“I loved all of it but I think the bit when we were playing cricket was my favourite.  It’s been an amazing experience and it’s a dream to play on this pitch”

“Bushcraft is an amazing experience. To get out of the box and use your creativity to create shelters in the forest, it was amazing.”

“It was really nice talking to each other and socialising.  Because of this lockdown it’s all been messed up so it’s nice to get to know each other again.”

London Programme with Chance to Shine and Surrey Cricket Foundation 1

Children from the Croydon Street Youth Project

Key outcomes

“The trip has been hugely beneficial for the children and their mental health.”

Group Leader, Croydon Street Youth Project

“It’s been amazing watching the children grow in just three days, coming here quite shy and not all that willing to join in and then to see their friendships and confidence blossom and to watch them all playing together is a joy.  The overall experience has been really rich and the activities have been amazing.”

Parent, Croydon Street Youth Project

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