25th July – 20th September 2020

A Celebration of Cricket for All at Arundel

The 2020 cricket season was significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, thanks to the enormous generosity of one of our supporters, the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation and the Friends of Arundel Castle Cricket Club worked together to make Arundel’s beautiful ground available to a wide range of people and organisations.

We partnered with a broad range of community groups and cricketing charities for this celebration, including England and Wales Cricket Board, MCC Foundation, Ruth Strauss Foundation, Sussex Cricket Foundation, Aldridge Foundation and The Refugee Council.  All events were in full compliance with the latest government guidelines.

Director of Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation, Tim Shutt, said: “Arundel will host a series of 12 events between 25 July and 20 September, each of which will have a different purpose and beneficiary group. Together, we strive to make the summer of 2020 memorable for the right reasons, using cricket to bring families, friends and communities back together again.”

Check out our selection of photos from last year’s ‘Celebration of Cricket for All at Arundel’ events. 

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