How We Help

We give young people the tools and confidence they need to learn, grow and succeed. 
We deliver projects that break down barriers, promote social inclusion and improve mental and physical health.  We create magical experiences that inspire positive outcomes and support young people to make an aspirational commitment to their personal, educational
and social development. 

Our Young People

We want to reach young people who:

  • Lack confidence and the ability to identify or respond to opportunities
  • Are impacted by personal or societal inequalities that affect their short and long term futures
  • Experience mental, physical barriers that limit their life, learning and social experiences
  • Are disconnected from sport, with barriers preventing participation

Our Communities

The communities we work with are:

  • Young people from Inner London Boroughs
  • Young people from our local communities in West Sussex
  • Young people with special educational needs and disabilities from London and from our local communities

Our Objectives

  • To break down barriers and deliver interventions that promote social inclusion and mobility
  • To inspire positive outcomes through education, engagement with learning and personal development
  • To improve the mental and physical health of the individuals and communities we support

Our Activities

Our programmes combine a series of activities aimed at improving mental and physical health.  All of our activities are set within Arundel and the beautiful surrounding countryside in locations which include our world-famous cricket ground, a historic medieval castle, a vibrant beach and a woodland residential centre.   Our unique and magical setting enriches our activities and leaves a lasting and powerful impression on the young people who visit us. 

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Cricket & Sport

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Residential Stays

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Nature & Forest Schooling

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Health & Wellbeing Activities

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Digital Engagement

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Beach Visits

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Tours of Arundel Castle & Gardens

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Team & Relationship Building

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