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Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation is a youth education charity who inspire and enable healthy living, educational attainment and social inclusion for children and young people facing disadvantage.

We use the power of cricket and sports, outdoor recreation and our unique historic setting of Arundel Castle Cricket Ground to  create magical experiences that inspire and enhance the education, health and development of disadvantaged young people.

We believe that all young people should have the best possible opportunities in life, to be able to thrive and develop academically, physically and emotionally through their school years and beyond.  Our aim is to give young people the tools and confidence they need to learn, grow and succeed. Our unique programmes engage young people in sports, learning and social experiences, enabling them to overcome barriers, discover new possibilities and realise their aspirations.

Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation was formed and registered as a charity in 1986 and works alongside The Friends of Arundel Castle Cricket Club. Over the years the charity has focused strongly on supporting young people from the most deprived areas and particularly inner London boroughs where the need has been greatest.

The Foundation also delivers a well-established Special Educational Needs and Disability Programme which supports young people from more than 40 schools, with a range of learning and physical disabilities.

The last strand of the Foundation’s work is to provide cricket and outdoor recreational opportunities to young people in West Sussex, again with strong emphasis on supporting those facing disadvantage in whatever form that may be.

With 32 years experience, we have a track record and are well-qualified and experienced in supporting the development of young people. We aim to give confidence and raise self-esteem through a series of activities and skills which will give young people a better chance of success and happiness in the future.

Arundel Castle Cricket Ground in West Sussex has provided the home for our charitable programmes. Our unique, world famous setting enriches our educational projects and leaves a lasting impression on the young people who visit us.

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Arundel Castle Cricket
Foundation Milestones

1895 – Ground built by 15th Duke of Norfolk
1975 – Friends of Arundel Castle Cricket Club formed
1986 – Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation formed
1991 – H.R.H. The Prince of Wales opens Indoor Cricket School.  London Federation of Boys’ Clubs (now London Youth) stage Finals of their competitions and continue to do so
1992 – London Boroughs Youth Programme fully established and still active today
1996 – Lord’s Taverners Inner Cities Trophy established


1998 – Blind and partially sighted cricket becomes active at Arundel
2000 – Special Needs Programme established in London and elsewhere
2019 – Retirement of John Barclay as Director of Cricket & Coaching
2020 – Appointment of John Barclay as Vice President of ACCF & FACCC
2020 – Appointment of Tim Shutt as new Director of the Foundation
2020 – Temporary Lockdown Programmes established in response to COVID-19 crisis

History of Arundel Castle Cricket Ground

The Arundel Castle Cricket ground is a 3.5 acre amphitheatre built in 1895 by the 15th Duke of Norfolk. His son Bernard, the 16th duke, carried on the tradition and arranged cricket for players from all levels of the sport. In 1975, after Duke Bernard’s death, his widow Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk, encouraged by family and friends, decided to keep cricket going at Arundel Castle and for this purpose the Friends of Arundel Castle Cricket Club (FACCC) was formed. The Ground is generally acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful anywhere in the world and provides a lovely setting for players and spectators alike.

In 1986 the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation was formed, and in 1989, through the great generosity of the late Sir Paul Getty, building work began on an Indoor Cricket School at the Arundel Castle ground. This was completed in 1990 and formally opened on August 2nd 1991 by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

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