Inner London Programme with Duke's Aldridge Academy

Our programme in partnership with Aldridge Foundation involves students from the most deprived communities in London visiting Arundel to enjoy a range of activities and experiences.  The residential programme combines a range of sport, life skills and adventure challenges which aim to promote social inclusion and mobility by providing students with new experiences to develop their confidence and skills .  The three day residential programme is delivered in partnership with Aldridge Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping to raise the aspirations and develop the life and employability skills of disadvantaged young people from deprived and challenging communities.

About the programme

Students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy in Tottenham are given the opportunity to leave the capital and visit the Sussex countryside for a three-day residential experience.  The programme is designed to give the students new skills, boost their confidence and help raise their aspirations.

Students take part in cricket coaching, woodland activities including building dens and camp fires as well as visits to the Arundel Castle gardens to learn about the history of the area along with a fun trip to Littlehampton beach.  Students are encouraged to focus on their wellbeing, with time and space to reflect among beautiful green surroundings. 

Watch our short interview with the Assistant Headteacher from Duke’s Aldridge Academy to hear how the programme is helping students to develop their skills and confidence.

How the programme helps young people

Students from challenging areas or backgrounds have the opportunity to leave London, the first time for many since the start of the pandemic, and head to the countryside to take part in new activities, spend time outdoors, learn new skills and experience different surroundings away from their usual environment.

The programme offers a range of sports and outdoor activities to benefit young people’s health and wellbeing, help them build important life skills, increase their self-confidence and broaden their horizons.  As well as honing their cricket skills, the Arundel coaching team help young people to  develop core skills such as team-working, problem-solving and resilience. The success of the three-day programme and the impact of the Sussex countryside is underlined by the students reflection on their experience when they return to school.  

Watch our short film with students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy talking about their Arundel experience.

Going forward, we would like to make this residential trip for students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy an annual event, as part of our Inner London programme.  We are looking for funds to help this happen. If you can help in any small or larger way, please make a donation or get in touch at

What the students say:

“It was such a lovely experience. In Tottenham it’s just concrete, and sometimes you can feel really closed in. Arundel was absolutely beautiful, with greenery, birds singing and the castle was amazing.”

“We’ve been stuck in lockdown for such a long time. This trip really helped. I did things I wouldn’t normally have done and it actually felt like I was releasing negative energy and creating something positive.”

“It was so green compared to Tottenham, which is grey and boring. I loved the castle and playing cricket, but I really enjoyed the den building, and working as a team. I feel like I’m good at teamwork now, which will help me in school too.

Year 9 students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy

Key outcomes:

“This was an amazing opportunity for the young people we support to take part in new activities, spend time outdoors, develop new skills and experience different surroundings away from their usual environment. Sports and outdoor activities are an amazing way to benefit young people’s health and wellbeing, help build important life skills and increase self confidence. They are also two of Aldridge Foundation’s main focus areas, which is why this residential trip and our partnership with the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation, is so important to us.”

Shona Nichols, Chief Executive, Aldridge Foundation

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